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Our Delicios Food

Winner Of The LEO 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards – Best Pho!

The core of our menu comes from offerings found on the streets of Vietnam for centuries. You will find French influences in both ingredients and preparation methods. Our menu and kitchen was thoughtfully designed to ensure freshness and quality of our food, pairing traditional recipes and techniques with contemporary culinary equipment.

Jessica insisted her dishes be fresh and of high quality for every serving, crafting a menu developed to share as many ingredients as possible and limit the menu to items that would sell briskly, all combined with daily trips to the produce market to assure excellence.

Our Name

PHO refers to the traditional Vietnamese rice noodle soup found on every city street corner in Vietnam and is our most popular entree. BA LUU translates directly to Mrs. Luu, chosen to honor Jessica’s mom who still lives in Saigon and with whom Jessica continues to develop both new and traditional recipes.

Our History

Located at the edge of Louisville’s Nulu District in the historic Butchertown, the building that is now home to our restaurant PHO BA LUU got its start as ABC Welding & Repair, owned by Burkhardt John Zoeller, Sr., who built the odd shaped cinder block building at 1019 East Main Street following the end of WWII in 1945.

Pho Ba Luu

1019 East Main Street
Louisville, KY 40206

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